Solitary moves

Solitary moves, originally uploaded by henrikj.

Dahlegård, Orust, Sweden.

Bad customer experience with Adorama

I ordered the download version of Adobe Lightroom through Adorama but I didn’t get the serial number. Despite five email to their customer support, I didn’t receive the serial number, additional information about the issue, or a requested refund. Furthermore, Adorama didn’t reply to several of these emails, despite an open support ticket. In each answer they promised to send me the serial number.

In the end, I contacted Adobe directly and they sent me the serial in a few hours, after reviewing an easy-to-fake print-out of my confirmation email. I had no idea why Adorama couldn’t provide me with the serial, despite asking them for more information in four of my emails.

I hope this is an exception and not the usual Adorama customer experience. However, I’m not willing to find out and I will order my equipment elsewhere in future.